Welcome to the Paxton Dealer Training Program

Paxton’s elite training program is designed for dealers who are making an investment in their company’s future, by enhancing their skills through a series of educational programs. The first class is a hands-on access control training class conducted by Paxton employees throughout the country. This comprehensive class will cover what is needed to install, implement and operate a Paxton online system. All computers and equipment will be provided. In addition, other invaluable knowledge will be discussed to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Understand the access control market and why growth is consistent

Install & program the Paxton Net2 access system

Integration with CCTV and burglar alarm systems


Members benefit from:

  • Continuing to enhance their education and certification with our on-line training classes
  • Maximizing market potential by leveraging our dealer tool chest of documentation and programs stimulate business opportunities and marketing your company’s services.
  • Differentiating themselves from un-trained dealers

Classes are limited to only 15 dealers and will take place in a key city only one time. The $25 registration fee will secure your place in an upcoming class. Class selection takes place during registration.